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May 6, 2019  

E5 (Career Spotlight #1) ECU Softball to Sports Media Broadcaster: Karlie Smith

May 6, 2019
Our Premiere Career Spotlight Episode!
Each episode of our new Career Spotlight series takes one career path that athletes are successfully transitioning into-- and does a deep dive. You'll learn what that job is all about, how to get jobs in that field, and what you can do NOW to start preparing for success in that field.
This first episode is all about sports media broadcasting. It features Karlie Smith, a former East Carolina University softball player who has hit the ground running since graduating in May 2018. In less than a year, she's become a rising star in sports media broadcasting. She's an SEC Digital Network color commentator, and she works in digital production at the University of Georgia. 
In this episode: 
1. Discover the difference between talking about sports on the field and doing it in front of an audience.
2. Steal the formula Karlie used to land internships in local TV, radio, and sports media companies.
3. Learn the brilliant hack that Karlie used to snag tons of live TV reps before she graduated high school.
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