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August 13, 2019  

Devan Kline: Answering the Most Important Questions after Sports

August 13, 2019

My guest is Devan Kline, former CMU and SF Giants baseball, and current CEO and founder of a fitness community sweeping the nation, Burn Boot Camp. Devan is all about helping the members of his gyms discover the values, passions, and causes that will motivate them to health, wealth, and peak performance. But like Devan says, in order to inspire people, you've gotta be inspired. So I grilled Devan on how to find that inspiration and how to connect the dots between a career as an athlete and whatever's next. Along the way, Devan spills some great insights for athletes in transition:


In today's show, you'll hear:


  • The 1 key skill that Devan learned pitching with the San Francisco Giants that has shaped his business aspirations.
  • The moment Devon knew that he couldn't work for someone else and had to start his own company.
  • How to align your career plans with your built-in, unique-to-you standards.
  • Why you have to love yourself now in order to pursue a better life tomorrow.


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