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August 28, 2019  

Life After Sports Highlight Reel - Our First 12 Guests

August 28, 2019

🎉 We're 12 episodes old! Party time! 🎉

In honor of 12 successful episodes, we decided to do something special for #13: a highlight reel of our guests' answers to one question: "What is the one skill that you learned as an athlete that has been most valuable to you in life after sports?"

If you've missed an episode, this is a great chance to preview our early shows. If you're new to Life After Sports, this is a great place to start! Here are a few of the high points of this Greatest Hits episode:

  • How to make yourself unforgettable in interviews and internships...and then get the job!
  • How spending time on hobbies and the arts can actually unlock your career interests.
  • Why athletes make some of the best entrepreneurs, computer programmers, and broadcasters.

Plus, we've got some exciting news about what's next for the Life After Sports podcast. Stick around to the end for that. 😉