Life After Sports

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February 26, 2019  

Introducing Life After Sports

February 26, 2019

Competing in sports prepares elite athletes for ANY professional challenge.

Coming this March, Life After Sports is a bold new podcast from Parallel that tells explores the stories, ideas , strategies and methods elite athletes are using to transition from playign sports to their next career.

Host and former Division I athlete Tyler Baker digs into guests’ playing careers, their exits, and how they used the lessons of elite athletics to reinvent themselves after sports. Hear how they became top creators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and more.

If you’re a current college athlete, a recent graduate, or anyone struggling to move from sports to the next chapter-- this show is for you. As you explore the mindsets, practices, and strategies of other top athletes, you’ll uncover your own superpowers as a former athlete. And you’ll be ready to crush it in your next chapter: life after sports.