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July 1, 2019  

Jack McNamara: Authenticity in Entrepreneurship

July 1, 2019

My guest is Jack McNamara, a former Colgate University and professional hockey player who is the founder of a growing energy drink company, DrinkTru. It is rare you can get an entrepreneur to speak so honestly about the struggles of building a they're going through it. But as you'll see: honesty is not just central to Jack's success and drive, it's essential to the DrinkTru brand. A rare, behind the scenes look at the day-to-day life of a company on the brink of being the next big thing.


In Today's Episode:

  • Learn how Jack creates viral video content that authentically propel's his companies brand
  • See why Jack quit a job just after two weeks...and why he thinks it's one of the wisest business decisions he's ever made
  • Discover Jack's reliable strategy for leveraging your "celebrity" as an athlete to find internships, mentorships and career opportunities


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  • Twitter: @drinktru and @_jackmcnamara
  • Instaram: @drinktru
  • YouTube: DrinkTru


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