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August 13, 2019  

Devan Kline (CEO of Burn Boot Camp | CMU & SF Giants Baseball): Answering the Most Important Questions after Sports

My guest is Devan Kline, CEO and founder of a fitness community sweeping the nation, Burn Boot Camp. Devan is all about helping the members of his gyms discover the values, passions, and causes that will motivate them to health, wealth, and peak performance. But like Devan says, in order to inspire people, you've gotta be inspired. So I grilled Devan on how to find that inspiration and how to connect the dots between a career as an athlete and whatever's next. Along the way, Devan spills some great insights for athletes in transition:


In today's show, you'll hear:


  • The 1 key skill that Devan learned pitching with the San Francisco Giants that has shaped his business aspirations.
  • The moment Devon knew that he couldn't work for someone else and had to start his own company.
  • How to align your career plans with your built-in, unique-to-you standards.
  • Why you have to love yourself now in order to pursue a better life tomorrow.


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July 30, 2019  

Court Whitman (Leadership Coach | Virginia Military Institute Football): Becoming a Peak Performer in Life After Sports

Court Whitman has spent most of his professional life leading– in his career in the Army's elite Special Forces, in companies, and now in his own leadership coaching company. And in today's episode, Court shares how playing football in many ways prepared him for a career in leadership. Court and I have an in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation about goals and what makes elite performers elite. Truly inspiring.


In today's episode:

  • Ever question the value of setting goals when you don't know what you want to do? Me, too. Court clears the air.
  • Discover how Court uses "deliberate discomfort" to grow trust in teams and companies.
  • Absorb the tactic court uses to pitch athletes' value to employers – no internships required.


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July 16, 2019  

Kovi Konowiecki (Professional Photographer | Wake Forest & Pro Soccer): Unleashing Your Creativity

My guest is Kovi Konowiecki, a professional photographer who is also a former Wake Forest University and professional soccer player. At one point in this episode, we joke about starting a club for former athletes that are now artists... and how small that club might be. It's true! But in today's episode, Kovi presents a truly compelling argument for athletes in the arts. Essentially, intentionally challenging ourselves to be creative and to explore hobbies can help us unlock our deepest professional interests and passions.

In today's episode:

  • Learn how creatives like Kovi balance their passion projects with the need for, um, food.
  • Discover how to sharpen your internal intuition to help you make difficult decisions.
  • See how "distractions" from your sport may actually propel you toward a career.

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July 1, 2019  

Jack McNamara (Founder DrinkTru | Colgate Ice Hockey): Authenticity in Entrepreneurship

My guest is Jack McNamara, a former Colgate University and professional hockey player who is the founder of a growing energy drink company, DrinkTru. It is rare you can get an entrepreneur to speak so honestly about the struggles of building a they're going through it. But as you'll see: honesty is not just central to Jack's success and drive, it's essential to the DrinkTru brand. A rare, behind the scenes look at the day-to-day life of a company on the brink of being the next big thing.


In Today's Episode:

  • Learn how Jack creates viral video content that authentically propel's his companies brand
  • See why Jack quit a job just after two weeks...and why he thinks it's one of the wisest business decisions he's ever made
  • Discover Jack's reliable strategy for leveraging your "celebrity" as an athlete to find internships, mentorships and career opportunities


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June 18, 2019  

Bill Mayew (Fuqua Professor | UNCW Basketball): Why Athletes Often Make the Best Teachers, Professors, and Coaches

My guest is Bill Mayew, a former UNC-Wilmington basketball standout who is now Professor of Accounting at Duke's Fuqua School of Business. Bill's story is especially powerful for two reasons: (1) He did something that most athletes don't do - he pursued an advanced degree and works in the most rigorous academic research; and (2) He says that sports prepared him for that path.


In Today's Episode:

  • See a day in the life of a university professor - see what it's like to get paid to research topics you're passionate about.
  • Discover how to communicate the value of "stress-testedness" to future employers.
  • Learn why former athletes so often make excellent teachers and coaches.


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June 3, 2019  

Sebastian Little (Performance Consulting | Yale Football): Finding Your Perfect Career Match In Months, Not Years

My guest is Sebastian Little, a former Yale football player who is now an associate with the McChrystal Group, a world-renowned leadership and performance consulting company.

Seb found his career niche FAST after college. It can take college athletes years to find careers that they enjoy. Within just a few months of leaving Yale, he had secured an entry-level role in a field he was passionate about. How'd he do it? By focusing on everything but that thing in college. Through intentionally diversifying in college, Seb identified exactly what he wanted to do after college. And it has paid off big time.

In Today's Episode:

  • Why sometimes, the best thing for the team is for you to be 100% you.
  • How thinking outside the typical "student-athlete" box multiplied Sebs opportunities at Yale.
  • How to turn LinkedIn contacts requests into interviews, internships and jobs.
  • How to craft compelling interview stories that get you remembered...and hired.


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May 20, 2019  

Chris Spatola (ESPN Analyst | Army Basketball): Transitioning Well When It’s All On The Line

My guest is Chris Spatola, sports writer, commentator, and host of the SiriusXM show, "ACC Today."

And that's just the most recent of Chris's transitions to fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Since he graduated from the US Military Academy in 2002, each of his career stops have been more intense than the last-- from serving in Iraq, to serving as an assistant coach on the Duke Men's basketball team... Chris Spatola knows how to transition well when it counts.

In Today's Episode:

  • One thing that can save you from alienating everyone around you after a tough transition.
  • Practical tips for landing your first job in broadcasting.
  • The Army Ranger mentality that Chris uses to continue performing at the top level.


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May 6, 2019  

Karlie Smith (SEC Digital Broadcaster | ECU Softball): Working to Success in Sports Media

In this episode, we talk with Karlie Smith, a former East Carolina softball player who has hit the ground running since graduating in May 2018. In less than a year, she's become a rising star in sports media broadcasting. She's an SEC Digital Network color commentator, and she works in digital production at the University of Georgia.
In Today's Episode:
  • What it's like to talk sports in front of a live tv audience
  • The formula she used to land internships in local TV, radio and with sports media companies
  • How she was able to get broadcasting reps well before she ever went live on tv
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April 22, 2019  

Zach Maurides (CEO Teamworks | Duke Football): Perseverance Pays Off

My guest is Zach Maurides, who is the founder and CEO of Teamworks, the leading software provider of operations software to athletic organizations world wide. 

The phrase "a glutton for punishment" comes to mind when listening to Zach explain his football career. When Zach talks about his 9 orthopedic surgeries during his college football career at Duke, there isn't the slightest invitation for sympathy. Instead, he tells the story with a sense of genuine accomplishment. After all, not quitting after your 2nd surgery is impressive, but 9 is just insane. And that pain tolerance (i.e. perseverance) is what Zach attributes as the primary reason for his success with Teamworks. In this episode, Zach shares what he's learned in growing a software startup from 4 guys with a dream to the 100 person machine it is today. If you're an athlete, you'll especially appreciate the unique perspective that Zach provides on how to get started in life after sports.

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April 8, 2019  

Thomas Sanders (Founder | Gardner Webb & Pro Basketball): Building a Photo Booth Company

There is a lot of talk about the transferable skills athletes develop while playing sports. Society praises the work ethic, teamwork, and perseverance it takes to compete at the highest levels in sports. However, the talk is often nothing more than general platitudes lacking specificity on how these transferable skills play out in the real world. In this episode, former Atlantic Sun Player of the Year, Thomas Sanders, takes us step by step through the ups and downs of his pro basketball career. He shares how his experiences as an athlete prepared him to start and grow a thriving Photo Booth company that is currently worth over one million dollars. He shares how pro basketball shaped his perspective and prepared him for life after sports.


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